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König, kopf (1 von 1) (1280x945)

Little Miss Beautiful was born August 17, 2007.

It was
Phoebe´s last litter, so we knew before, we gonna keep a female pup. The kids named her “König” - that means King, yes, its a female.

König is a wounderful female. A little on the smaller side but with excellent proportions, a geat muscle ton and awesome pigmentation, what gives her so much expression.

She wasnt shown that much, but was always placed BIS Puppy or BIS Standard (female).
At the WP she is just AWESOME. She want stop pulling and won so far every competition..

She is absolute great with ppl, she “knows” anybody. She love to play aroung with our kids. With dogs she is more reserved, she like the most her mother Phoebe and Zorro..

Working titles: APA Weight Pull 3 (American Pulling Association), Star 3, APA W3!!, European Champion 2009
APA Profil, CSAU “very good”, Mental Health Test

Championtitle: ABNA Champion, NKC Champion
Health tests:
HD-A (excellent), ED (Elbows) clear, Spondylose clear
                        Dr. Tellhelm FCI, VdH  Uni Gießen, NCL clear (by breeding), Icht. carrier

Proud Heroes´ P-litter, Proud Heroes´T-litter


BIS Puppy

Mai 2008, Deutschland ABNA

Rich Barker, USA

BIS Puppy

August 2008, Dänemark ABNA

Greg Souza, USA

BIS Puppy Standard

August 2008, Dänemark ABNA

Chris Wells, USA

BIS Standard female

September 2008, Deutschl. ABNA

Collin Brown, UK

BIS Standard female

Juni 2009, Dänemark, NKC

Craig Limb, UK

BIS Standard

Juni, 2009 Dänemark, NKC

Scott Roberts, USA


März, 2010 Holland, ABNA

Collin Brown, UK


May, 2011, Germany NKC

Glyn Neal, USA

Champion Class Winner

May, 2011, Germany, NKC

Neal / Sonn / Knowles

Champion Class Winnter

August 2011, Germany NKC

Limb, Ward


“I believe in integrity. Dogs have it.
Humans are sometimes lacking it.” 
Cesar Millan

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