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Kinghaven was born. December 26, 2005. Her dam is Phoebe, her sire the famous GrCH Kinghavens General Lee.
She is a perfect build, blocky standard female.

Kinghaven is one of a kind. She has the most wind and stamina from all our AB´s. She gets excidet about anything with fur on it, but dont likes bitework. On the other hand she is the most serious watchdog I´ve ever owned. I would put my life into her paws!!!

She is good with ppl - if those are invited - she loves kids and is endless gentle with them. She has nearly no dog aggression, but will put any other dog to shame if needed. She is our babyface assasine...

Kinghaven was the first german AB, who got the APA WP3 and APA W3 title..

titles: APA Weight Pull 3 (American Pulling Association), Star 3, APA W3!! 

Champions: ABRA JrChampion, NKC Champion
HD-A (excellent), Elbows clear, OCD clear, Spondylosis clear
                        Auswertung Dr. Tellhelm FCI, VdH Gutachter, Uni Gießen, NCL clear, heart 0, Ichhyosis clear


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L-litterO-litter, R-litter


BIS puppy

2006, ABNA Pfingstshow

Chris Thompson, USA

BIS puppy

2006, ABRA Ockenheim

Leslie Rose, CAN

BIS puppy

2006, ABNA Frankreich

Chris Wells, USA

BIS standard female

2007, ABNA Ockenheim

Danny Besant, USA

BIS standard female

2007, ABRA Bad Rappenau

Greg Karasek, USA

BIS standard female

2007, ABRA Dänemark

Theo Rombouts, NL

BIS standard typ

2008. NKC Rösrath

Dirk Gerold, D


2008, NKC Yonnes, Frankreich

Craig Limb, GB

20140629-IMG_7136-1 (1280x853) (2)
20140613-IMG_4803-1 (1280x853)

Kinghaven and two of her grand children. Tyson - to the left and Woodstock - to the right.

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face,
you should go home and examine yours conscience.”
Woodrow Wilson

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