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BUSTER  was born April 28,  2008. His dam is our Kinghaven, his sire White Bandits Kid.
Buster is a medium size, very compact standard male..

To have him around is alot of fun. He is very active, plays the whole day and shows a very good
social behavior toward our other dogs. He has an awesome ball- and fooddrive.
Very outgoing and friendly with visitors, but also a good and serious watchdog.

His look is what we want to see in an American Bulldog. Compact, good muscleton, very athletic, beautiful massiv standard head with a nice broad muzzle  Good angulations, level topline, nice pigmentation, complite reverse scissors bite..

health tests:   HD-A (excellent), Elbows clear, Spondylosis clear -
                                               Dr. Tellhelm/Uni Gießen, NCL clear (over parents), Ichtyose clear, heart 0

working titles / temperament tests:: Temperament Test (Bavaria)

Championtitles: NKC Champion

Offspring: sired a litter at
Eden Bulldog Band France, Proud Heroes´ S-litter, Curtis& Co. France, Low River Finnland, Timberlands American Bulldogs, Backstreetbulls American Bulldogs

LR-4369 (1024x739)

Best in Show Standard

2011 NKC saturday

Craig Limb, GB

Overall Best in Show

2011 NKC sunday

Bron Ward, GB

1. place 4+ Standard male - CH

2013, NKC

Bron Ward, GB

LR-4271 (1024x683)

”Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” 
Dean Koontz

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